Manitoulin Lighthouses

Take a lighthouse tour…visit or see them all!


A working lighthouse at the very western tip of Manitoulin and also the oldest one, built in 1879. (All the others on Manitoulin were also built within the next few years.) It’s also a museum, furnished as if a lighthouse keeper and family still lived there. Facts on the mystery of LaSalle’s missing Griffon. Campground (many serviced sites), fog plant café in the old building where a steam engine would power a foghorn in closed in weather to warn commercial shipping away from danger. A must see. Open Victoria Day through mid-September. Operated by community volunteer organizations.


Gore Bay, on Lighthouse Road past the marina and Harbour Gallery building. This lighthouse, and all of the other frame-construction lighthouses on Manitoulin Island are built to the same Georgian design.


In downtown Kagawong, beside Hunt’s Store and across from the boat harbor. There is information on this lighthouse (and others) in the Billings Township Museum in the Old Mill Building beside the beach playground.


On Strawberry Island, just east of Little Current and the swing bridge. Best seen from the northerly approach to the bridge (or from the water). Inside the tourist information centre on the Little Current side of the swing bridge you can see on display an actual Quesnel lens that once magnified this lighthouse’s beam out across miles of water to give mariners safe passage.


Downtown Little Current on Water Street East. A replica of a very old style of lighthouse once located on the waterfront not far from this spot.


Downtown Manitowaning, nestled into a hillside close to the downtown’s main intersection.

SOUTH BAYMOUTH (Two of them)

These are range lights, actually, smaller than lighthouses but exactly the same in style and detail and meant to signal safe passage once a navigator coming into the port lined up the two beacon lights, one right behind the other and steered this course. You see them clearly from the Chi-Cheemaun and you can reach them on foot via the extensive boardwalk that runs along the east side of the small boat harbour.


A replica built on the site of an historic lighthouse on Michael’s Point that guided shipping into the long gone but once bustling community of Michael’s Bay. View it from the Michael’s Bay boat launch and park area. (From either Tehkummah village or Providence Bay, take the Government Road to the Michael’s Bay Road. Turn south and follow the road as it parallels the Manitou River down to Michael’s Bay and the boat launch and park).


This is the tall, stately, tapered lighthouse built by stonemasons from the native limestone that passengers on the Chi-Cheemaun are able to see on every crossing of Georgian Bay. While some might think it had been purposely built as a tourist attraction to enhance the Chi-Cheemaun experience, in fact it’s over a century old and is one of only a very few lighthouses built to this distinctive ‘Imperial’ design, quite different from Manitoulin Island’s Georgian-style lights.